The Scarecrow Report: 6/16/17

For the upcoming Woody Guthrie Folk Festival I was asked to write a response to the open question "what does Woody Guthrie means to me?" 

I found it to be an incredibly hard thing to put into words. The respect I have for this fallen hero and what he stood for transcends the normal "His music and spirit had a profound impacted me."

After some time and recreational digestion 

the following is my best answer to this question. 

The highway that I'm standing on is the same highway as the ones before me. Tom Skinner, Bob Childers, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie. I don't know how to fully articulate what Woody Guthrie means to me because I see it as a broader picture than just me. It's an event on the horizon that is a must see for everyone. Not just artists and poets alike, but working class heros and modern boxcar vagabonds. Sideshow junkies and rifle enthusiast too.  This world hasn't gotten anymore sugar coated or sweeter to say. It's a barren awful place where game show hosts are becoming world leaders and karaoke singers are the next voice of the people. What does Woody Guthrie mean to me you ask? His voice, his words, his passion, his heart......

The world..

He and it mean the world to me. 

And what needs to happen...

What we all need to do is listen to Woody Guthrie. WE need to take care of each other and take care of this world we ALL make our beds in. 

Each and every one of US.....

not individualized but together...

Not alone but side by side..

The not too distant future can be a heart-aching' fiery red eyed freight train but we have the power to throw ourselves against the iron. To slow this thing down and turn this train around. It's not naivety to dream of better tomorrows.  

For this land twas made for you and me...

And she's not getting any younger..


-Scarecrow Report June 16, 2017

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