BC & The Big Rig :Day Late Dollar Short

BC and The Big Rig’s Upcoming Album

By Tonya Little

     BC and The Big Rig have a new album coming out September 14th, Day Late Dollar Short. It is Brandon Clark’s 8th album, but the first under the new band name. Brandon is joined in this new musical venture by Sam Naifeh on lead guitar, Ryan McCall on lead guitar, James Purdy on drums and Chris Bell on bass guitar. Every member of the band sings and gives backing vocals. Chris and Sam have played in bands together since they were thirteen, most notably The Flatland Travelers. Ryan and James performed together in the Bo Phillips Band as well. They are all well versed in their musical professions, and all together come loaded with talent and experience.


     The album was recorded at Valcour Sound in Broken Arrow. The owner of the studio, Hank Charles, also provided all of the keys in the album, which includes a Hammond Organ, Rhodes Piano, Piano, Electric Organ and even a tambourine. Hank has been at the helm of six of Brandon’s albums. Pete Marriott, who played for Joe Cocker in the late seventies, also guest stars on the album. Brandon said his favorite part of the record was probably having Pete involved in it.

 The album has twelve songs and the guys clearly have poured their heart and soul into it, and it shows. These guys play so well together, each bringing a dynamic set of musical talents that all melded together create an amazing product. 100 Miles to Memphis starts the album off. This fast paced rocking song really sets the tone for the whole album. The band opens up with fists swinging, it’s hard to sit still while listening to it, definitely makes you want to get up on your feet and move.

      Next comes Rock It with Travis Kidd on the lead. It’s even more heavy handed than the last song. This song starts with attitude and gets in your face, with screaming guitars and hard hitting drums, it has all the makings of a nitty gritty rock song. It’s one of those good ol’ fightin’ songs, a warning to keep on walking before someone gets hurt, something I’m sure we’ve all had experience with.

      Ain't Livin' Long Like This (an old Rodney Crowell song made famous by Waylon Jennings) is an upbeat tune with some killer guitar riffs. It’ll have you tapping your feet with the rhythm in no time. It’s one of those energetic rock songs you could blare at top volume in the car in the summertime with all the windows rolled down.

     Flag is next and this song slows us down for just a minute. It has a great old school country vibe to it, a good strong song about the important things in life. It’s one of those songs that could rally people together to stand united for the things that really matter. It will no doubt be a popular song at live shows. I can picture fans with fists raised singing along all the words with Brandon.  

     Back Around follows and it keeps us on that slower country theme, with a good steady beat, as the song weaves a story about life and the things that throw us off course sometimes. It offers faith, hope and encouragement all wrapped up in a four minute song.

      Every Other Sunday picks us back up a bit, a lighter rock tune than the beginning songs. It’s a love song of sorts, but not romantic love, it’s the love for a child from a co-parenting perspective and it’s steeped with emotion. It shows that sorrowful aspect of having your time with your kid end all too soon. Something many people will be able to relate to easily in this day and age.

     Day Late Dollar Short picks the pace back up, fast moving with gritty guitar riffs. They kick it back into gear and Brandon belts it out about the hard realities of life. There’s a snarling guitar solo in there where Ryan definitely shows off his stuff. The tune packs a punch and delivers just the right amount of sass.

     Next comes Outside. This song is a good old fashioned rock and roll song; full of funky beats and melodies, a fantastic guitar solo, and packed with attitude.

     Shuga Bugga Blues follows with Pete Marriott on lead. This is an old Bob Childers song, and is definitely a fun song with a catchy tune. It has a southern rock vibe to it, but it also has bluesy guitar licks weaved throughout.  

     The Whiskey is definitely the most country song that the guys have on the album, and it’s certainly a good one. Brandon makes no secret that this is the ode to his decision to quit drinking. He’s been sober eighteen months now, which is a great feat, especially in his line of work. Many people will be able to relate to this slow and soulful tune.

     What Would I Do? stays on the same country vibe, one of those love-gone-wrong kind of tunes, with a funny tongue in cheek quality. It’ll have people clapping along in no time.

     Take A Number has Travis Kidd on leads. This song wraps it all up, a rocking song with a grooving blues sound running through it. It’s a leaving song of sorts, but with serious attitude thrown in. The drums really shine through on this song, and Purdy knocks it out. The grungy guitar riffs are no joke either. Overall this is definitely a rock and roll album full of spark and character that you will want to get your hands on, these guys know their stuff and are making a mark on the music scene.



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