Annie Oakley's EP Thought of you a God

Oklahoma City- The ladies of Annie Oakley have been performing since 2012, putting out their first self titled EP in 2013. The group is comprised of 18 year old twin sisters Sophie and Grace Babb, as well as violinist Nia Personette. The ladies have a very indie-folk sound, although it’s fresh and distinct as well. The sisters have such beautiful harmonies together, and their music is transcendent. It’s amazing that these young ladies have been able to hone their craft so quickly and effectively, and are already at a level that many people much older than them haven’t reached yet in as many years.

The new EP, Thought of You a God, was produced by another local female musician, Samantha Crain. Crain caught Annie Oakley in their earlier days playing at Othello’s in Norman and later asked the ladies to open for her which began their friendship and working relationship. Annie Oakley is the youngest group to ever play The Blue Door. Their release show for this EP, which was held there the day it was released on September 25th, sold out within five days of tickets being available. I think this is just a prelude to the great things that these ladies are going to achieve.

The EP starts off with “I Wonder”, a slow beautiful tune where the ladies sing gracefully about what’s waiting for them down the road, their lyrics are deep and meaningful and create great imagery. The mournful violin in the background makes this song even more hauntingly beautiful.

“You are the Sun” follows, it’s slightly more upbeat, with a steady rhythmic beat. It’s a love song, full of exceptional symbolism about love and what it feels like to look to someone as if they are the sun in your universe. It almost reminds me of Irish or Celtic music in the way that it is arranged.

“No One Else” comes next, a melancholy song about loving someone more than they loved in return. The song is elegant and soulful, and the lyrics are heart breaking; “If I’d been enough would you not have strayed, if I’d been too much would you have stayed,” sing the ladies.

Track four is “Six Months of Winter”, a sorrowful song about failed relationships and the aftermath. It’s set to an almost playful tune though, which I think only adds to the character and uniqueness of the song.

“Wake Up” is an alluring song with vivid imagery about being a little lost, stuck in between awake and asleep. Their voices are angelic and ethereal, giving the songs an almost magical quality.

“Thought of You a God” is a beautiful song with a haunting melody, about putting someone up so high on a pedestal while being in love, and having reality show something different. These ladies seem wise beyond their years and convey these feelings so incredibly well.

You can purchase this EP as well as their first one on ITunes, as well as follow them on Spotify. You can also visit their website at to find out more about the band and where to catch them next.


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