Andy Adams: Back to Square One

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Andy Adams is a friend of mine, a fellow songwriter, and one of the tried and true staples of the Oklahoma City Music Scene.  His record “Done Crossed That Line” was recorded with Wes Sharon at 115 Recording in Norman.  I fucking love Wes Sharon.  The Quails recorded our drums and bass on Down the Hatch at 115.  You’ll notice in the interview section below, Andy Adams does what any of us do and criticize our old shit because we’re our own worst critics. However, there’s a lot more cohesion and magic on that record than Andy believes.  The title track is one of my favorite songs . There’s a lot of really lush instrumentation and tonal structure.  It’s great.

This record is beyond it.  Kyle Reid applied both his virtuosity and his songwriting skills to Back to Square One. He focused Andy’s ideas and shook them up with his impeccable sense of rhythm and taste. In short, he produced the shit out of it.

You should go preorder this record.  You can donate for all kinds of other stuff as well.  If you can, you should.  Check it out, see for yourself.  Tell your friends and share the link and help get this record out properly.  It’s got songs on it people should hear.  Andy answered some interview questions below.  I’m off to do stuff I have to get done.  Until next time, folks and folkettes.

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Click here to go to Andy's kickstarter page and watch a video with one of the new songs. 

Q&A with Andy Adams

Q: Tell us a little bit about your music background and history.

A: I started playing guitar and writing songs in High School. The two were always synonymous. From day 1 I wanted to sing songs and tell people stories.

Q: Tell us something interesting or unique about you that you think people would be surprised to know.

A: Avid sports fan. Go Thunder! Go Steelers!

Q: What are your top 3 favorite albums of all time and why? 

A: Tom Waits: The Heart of Saturday Night – Early Waits has always fascinated me. Its so Jazzy/Bluesy but with far more complex songs lyrically than strait blues. Love melody lines are extremely interesting and fun to try and emulate. The musicianship is spot on. Ryan Adams: Cold Roses – Ryan Adams with the Cardinals is hard to beat. Top tier musicians and Ryan’s great singing. Easy to listen to over and over. Death Cab For Cutie: Transalatisism – I love Ben Gibbards approach to writing personal songs and the rock feel backing the delicateness of his voice.

Q: What do you feel like is the biggest challenge of being a songwriter in this time period? How do you deal with it personally? 

A: A lot of Songwriting challenges come from mental blocks. Everyone gets writers block and struggle with finding “their voice”. Dealing with it is part of becoming a good writer. That and editing. My Uncle Michael Adams (a published poet) once told me “Andy, you should expect to throw away 90% of the shit you put on paper. If you’re not doing that you’re not trying.”

Q: Tell us a little bit about your first two albums, where you were in life and your careers when they came out, and how you feel about them now.

A: I made my first record (Done Crossed That Line) 2013 with Wes Sharon at 115 Recording. It’s all over the place. Musically and Lyrically. There are good songs on there and fine musicians but I lacked direction. I learned that from going through the process with Wes. Album two (I’ll Try Harder Next Time) 201 I made with Michael Clardy in his home studio over two days. It’s a 6 song acoustic EP where all the songs were captured in a single take.

Q: What about this new album, is it different in any way from your last two? If so, how?

A: I made Back to Square One with producer Kyle Reid. We started writing songs after the 2015 Illinois River Jam. In October 2016 I met Kyle at his home studio and started demoing. I spent the next three months practicing and working out parts with Kyle, John Calvin Abney and Carter Sampson. In January 2017 we got together with Joe Bello to record. It was cut (14 tracks) in 50 hours over 4 days. The biggest difference from my previous two records is consistency. Consistency in over all sound, feel, musicianship and writing. It flows more from start to finish.

Q: Tell us a bit about the kickstarter and what you are looking to accomplish with it. If all goes well with it, when do you expect the album to be released? 

A: The hardest thing about making a record is the postproduction promotion aspect that a lot of people don’t realize is a thing and most musicians can’t afford or forget to plan for. My goal is to raise the funds for that in the hopes of reaching a broader audience as well as covering ing my printing costs (Vinyl & CDs). The album will be out in Nov/Dec if the Kickstarter succeeds.

Q: What upcoming shows do you have?

A: I host the first Tuesday of every month at the Blue Door. It’s a song swap with me and two other accomplished songwriters. It’s a free BYOB donations based show. 8p BYOB. If you post this before Friday I’m at Anthem Brewing 7-9.

Q: Anything else you want to tell people about who you are and what your music is about?

A: I genuinely love playing music. I love practicing, I love playing on the spot when I’ve never heard the song, I love playing for people, I love playing alone or with friends around a campfire. There is nothing better. It’s my favorite form of communication.

The Kickstarter closes July 24. Sunday the 23rd my Kickstarter is taking over Sunday Sessions at JJ's Alley. All the musicians will be close friends of mine or have worked directly on the record. 3-8 p.m. We will be doing FB love all day as well as posting consistently to try and raise funds in the waning hours. Thanks so much

Photo by Vickie Farmer @

Photo by Vickie Farmer @

Andy is well respected and admired within the local music scene and has many supporters in his fellow musicians and venue owners. Here's what some of them had to say about him.

"When I first met Andy Adams he was one of the most stand up guys I'd ever met. I've now had the pleasure of calling him a good buddy of mine for 6 years or so. He's still the most stand up guy I've ever met and an absolute phenomenon of a wordsmith and performer. I'm honored to know him and think this upcoming album of his is gonna be something really special. Check out his kickstarter and pledge of you are able to. Even just pre-ordering the record through the campaign will help make this thing grow the legs it needs to get out to everyone and get this artist to the places he needs to be to blow folks away." ~ Dylan Stewart

  "Andy Adams is an insightful and interesting songwriter, steeped in the Oklahoma tradition of hard work conquering all. Also the only friend I got that will give a nine toed man a ride to the doctor, and not hit me up for a pill on the ride home." ~ Buffalo Rogers

"Andy takes his time, never in a hurry not one to be pushy. His perspective on quality control first and foremost is an example to all.  Biz music is delightful evening more so because it reflects his personal integrity. His music even more so." ~ Bob Moore

"Andy Adams is one of the best young writers, guitarists and singers in the Oklahoma music scene. His music is all his but it is born out of many hours listening to songwriters who have come before. He is a singular talent." ~  Greg Johnson, The Blue Door

Don't miss out and wait too long! You have until the 24th to jump on board with this kickstarter!


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