Jon Wolfe

TULSA, Okla.- Jon Wolfe has come a long way in his musical career in the last several years. He currently has five albums out, one which was a rereleased edition, and a new album underway. Wolfe has had nine consecutive top five songs on the Texas Music Charts, three of those being at number one. His current single “Boots on the Dance Floor” from the forthcoming new album has been out for about a month and it is already doing well. Wolfe and his band are currently on a 30 date “Boots on the Dance Floor” tour, which includes a stop in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom on August 12.


“’Boots on the Dance Floor’ is doing great. We’re just kind of in its early stages I guess you could say,” explained Wolfe. “We’re just getting it out. It's just now being sent out to radio. What we wanted to do initially with ‘Boots on the Dance Floor’ was to get it out to all the dance clubs and dance halls that we play. We wanted to get it out to Spotify and iTunes and sort of build a story with it before it officially goes to radio. So it's doing great. It's our number one selling single on iTunes right now and it's just now going out to radio so the story’s just beginning for that song.”

Wolfe was born in Tulsa but raised in Miami Oklahoma. He went to college in Colorado, but then moved to Illinois when he worked in the oil business. He was then transferred to Houston with the company, where he actually roomed with Hayes Carle. Not long after he was inspired to follow a musical career after attending an Alabama concert and being invited onto the tour bus afterwards to sing with Teddy Gentry and John Rich. Wolfe self released his first album Almost Gone in the fall of 2004. He landed a recording deal with Midas Records Nashville in 2006, but they went out of business before releasing the album he worked on with them. Wolfe continued to write songs for himself and other people including Clay Walker and Joe Nichols. In 2010 Wolfe signed with Lex Music Group for his management and created his own record label called Fool Hearted Productions. He released his second album It all Happened in a Honky Tonk in the fall of 2010.


"It all Happened in the Honky Tonk really was the first record that started getting me on the map. That album had a major label rerelease under Warner Bros. in 2013, it really kind of carved a path for us I guess you could say,” said Wolfe. “Then Natural Man came out in April 2015, so it's been out about a year and a half. It has had three number ones so it's just been a great record for us. Now we’re moving on to this next record, and “Boots on the Dance Floor’ is the debut single from the forthcoming album and it should be ready about the beginning of the next year.”

Wolfe’s sound is rooted in traditional country, described in his bio on his website as “Country music, as it was, is and always should be, with boots firmly standing on the bedrock of tradition and an eye focused on taking it into the future”, so it’s not a big surprise that he lists his musical inspirations as being folks like Garth Brooks, George Strait, Clint Black and Waylon Jennings. He also was a big fan of crooners like Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. Wolfe’s music clearly shows his talent at singing and songwriting, and he is skilled at weaving his songs with great storytelling as well. His music has been burning through the Texas Music Charts for the last few years which speaks for itself.

Something interesting that fans might not know about Wolfe is that he has a degree in Finance, and considers himself a finance nerd. He also loves running and hopes to someday soon run in a half marathon.


Wolfe is also no stranger to the Cain’s Ballroom and is looking forward to his very first headliner show there this month.

“I've played Cain’s a handful of times over the years. I was raised in Miami Oklahoma so Cain’s Ballroom is kind of like coming home for me in a way and it's such a legendary venue that it's intimidating, that's for sure,” said Wolfe. “It's also one of those places that you hope and pray that you get a chance to headline someday so it's a big deal for me.They were early supporters of my music going back to the very beginning in 2004-2005.”

Wolfe has opened at Cain’s for Dwight Yoakam, Sugar Land, and Asleep at the Wheel among others early in his career. He hadn’t played Cain’s for several years when he came back in the Spring of this year to open for Aaron Watson.

“I came back with Aaron in April. We had a great time and I was flattered and excited when they offered me my own headlining date which really means a lot. I hope we hit it out of the park for them,” said Wolfe. “There's always just some type of aura about Cain’s when you play there. It's just a different thing, and it's just always been a magical place for me for sure.”

Be sure to check out Wolfe’s website at as well as his various social media sites to stay up to date on information including shows and the new album. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Go check out the new single “Boots on the Dance Floor” and make plans to head to Cain’s for the show!

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