Spotlight on Jake Flint

If you’ve had your eyes and ears open around the Oklahoma music scene in the last several years, you’ll know exactly who Jake Flint is. Flint has been crooning all over the state, and beyond, for quite a while now and continues to build up a name for himself. He has a new live album, Jake Flint - Live and Not OK at Cain’s Ballroom, about to make it’s way out, and I got the chance to catch up with him about that and what’s going on in his world. Check out the interview below.

Photo by Melissa Payne

Photo by Melissa Payne

Tell me a bit about the show that the album was recorded at.


Flint: We were blessed with the opportunity to warm up for Randy Rogers Band at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK on August 18 to a sold out crowd. I noticed that the front of house sound man, Jeremy Grodhaus had his laptop in the booth with Protools open. I asked him if he every multi track recorded shows and he responded that he had just recently started for his own amusement but that he was getting really good at it. I offered him a little dough to bounce me off a recording after the show, just so I could review game tape and improve our live show, but it turned out great! The guys nailed it and it was a really good high energy set so I decided to ask Chad and Hunter Rogers if they’d mind if I released it as a live album and after some time and thought, they very kindly obliged.


Tell me a little about your band/players.

 Flint: We had an all-star band. Luke Mullenix on Bass, Mike Satawake on Lead Guitar, Jacob Dement on Harmony Vocals and Electric Guitar and Jack Waters on Drums. We’ve played several shows together with this cast and are getting really tight! Jack has his own band called Jack Waters and The Unemployed that Luke and Mike play in that is phenomenal! I recommend that everyone check them out if you get a chance.


So tell us exactly how this album came to life.

 Flint:Completely by happenstance. As I said before, I just really wanted to hear our set and the recording turned out so good it was an easy trigger to pull. I produced it myself. Recorded at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK by engineer Jeremy Grodhaus. I sent it to Joe Hardy in Houston, TX to mix, master and make a second Radio Edit Version Master as well as an Explicit Version Master. He could make a fart sound like it was recorded at Sun Studio. I love working with Joe. Also big thanks to the band, they killed it and they are my partners in this record for sure. It wouldn’t be what it is without their phenomenal musicianship.

Photo By Melissa Payne

Photo By Melissa Payne

 Fill us in a bit about your music history.

 Flint: I’ve been playing music professionally for about 7 years, as a hobby most of my life. We have recently released our second single to Texas radio entitled “Long Road Back Home”. It is currently in the No. 38 spot on the Texas Chart, which I am very proud. I started playing music when I was 15 and became hooked on becoming a better guitar player after being introduced to bluegrass festivals in my teens. I then progressed through several different styles of music before falling in love with Texas and Oklahoma singer/songwriters like Townes, Guy Clark, Childers, Skinner, Wiles, etc. They wrote with more substance and thought than the contemporary country of the times. I studied their catalogs and then strove to write better songs. I released my debut album “I’m Not OK” in 2016 and am currently working on a new project which will have the same title as the recently released single “Long Road Back Home” to release in spring 2019.


What’s your songwriting process?

 Flint: I have a hard time writing fiction, but I’m getting better. Most of my music comes from life experience. My debut album is a chronicling of my late teens to early twenties of love lost, love never gained, addiction, recovery, religion, prison and so on. Life. Most songs have to come quickly or they never get finished as a result of my attention deficits and utter, unrelenting procrastination and laziness.


What is the strangest inspiration for a song that you have had so far?

 Flint: I’d say making the connection between the life of a fly and a musician which is explained in “The Fly Song” on the debut album and on this live album.

Photo by Melissa Payne

Photo by Melissa Payne

 What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you so far as a musician?

 Flint:Getting the opportunity to play two shows at Cain’s this year was pretty unexpected and unbelievable. I’ve been really blessed the past few years to get to buzz around the Oklahoma music scene amongst some REALLY great, talented, skilled musicians that constantly motivate me to try and work to get better. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful and usually more willing to give a hand up than a kick down. I love Okies.


What musician would you love to collaborate with?

 Flint: Man, I want to collaborate with everyone! I have been pretty strictly focused on getting my material out there and building a brand that people recognize so I can go play shows abroad, but I am looking forward to the next year getting to slow down some and reintegrate into the local scenes around Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Just to reconnect with some of my good friends that I unfortunately haven’t got to spend much time with as of late.


What embarrassing songs/musicians would I find in your music collection?

 Flint: I love Taylor Swift thanks to Ryan Adams. Ingrid Michaelson is probably one wouldn’t pin me for. Big James Taylor fan. Huge sucker for 80’s & 90’s female country artists. Tanya, Patty Loveless, Kathy Matea, Deanna Carter, Judds, Pam Tillis, Martina McBride and so on.


What’s a good theme song for your life?

 Flint: Desperadoes Waiting for a Train by Guy Clark

Photo by Melissa Payne

Photo by Melissa Payne

 What’s the most interesting thing that you have learned about yourself this year?

 Flint: I’ve never had much faith in myself or in my music. I learned this year that I don’t need recognition or acceptance to enjoy writing and performing music. I used to think that it was something that I would do if people liked what I do, but I’ve been happier doing what I’m doing. But also I’m much more productive by disregarding what people think about it and focusing on if I’m satisfied with my songs and my performances and if it makes me happy….and I am, and it does.


What are your plans for the future?

 Flint: I am hoping that this live album will give people an easily accessible, great example of what I can do live with a band and open doors to get to travel. Maybe open for some larger acts and play at some bigger venues for some bigger audiences. I’m excited for people to see that we can throw it down live and that our live show isn’t junk compared to the record. There are two new songs on this live album that are a glimpse at the tunes to come. I am really excited about this new project we are working on and can’t wait for people to hear it next spring. I am actively seeking endorsements and sponsorships and also representation to help keep this music thing viable, and the bills paid so we can focus on writing and performing live. I really like being hands on with all aspects of this business, but I know that there will come a time to put a team together and focus on making music.

Photo by Melissa Payne

Photo by Melissa Payne

 Where can people find your music? What other shows do you have coming up?

 Flint: I have a good comprehensive website WWW.JAKEFLINTMUSIC.COM that has media, news, show dates, social media links, and a store to get physical copies of all the music. I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ReverbNation and SnapChat that can all be found by searching Jake Flint Music or through the links on the website. The music is digitally available on all digital music outlets iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and many more.

I really appreciate all who support the music by purchasing it online or at shows. In November we are playing several local acoustic shows around Oklahoma in Tulsa, Claremore and Muskogee and on December 8th we will be playing a Full Band show at Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, OK with Chance Anderson Band. Hope to see everyone out at a show!! Tour Schedule specifics are available on my website.

Photo by Melissa Payne

Photo by Melissa Payne

There you have it folks, all the nitty gritty details about the talented Flint.

Thanks to Flint who sent me an advance copy, I have been listening to “Jake Flint - Live and Not OK at Cain’t Ballroom” lately, and I have to say it’s quite impressive. I can close my eyes and picture the show and I bet it was fantastic.

Flint’s opening commentary to most of the songs are just downright chuckle worthy and entertaining in it’s own right, but then he starts singing and you realize he’s much more than just a funny guy.

Flint’s voice is definitely unique as well, I don’t think you would be able to mistake anyone else for him or vice versa, which is a quality that I personally love in a singer. It’s hard to describe what it is exactly that sets his voice apart, at times he sounds like he could pull off being an auctioneer, throwing things out there a mile a minute. He also sounds like he could be one hell of a yodeler if he has a mind to. Whatever it is, Flint definitely has something that sets him apart.

Flint’s songs are are peppered with provocative lyrics and thrilling instrumentals, they offer variety along with some good ol’ fashioned rowdy fun. There are 10 live cuts on this new album, and I think my favorite might be Who’s Better?, which is a lighthearted little ditty about how love can fit together.

They do a hell of a version of Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound as well, that makes you just want to get up and dance. Flint and his crew have got the honky tonkin’ thing down for sure.

All of the players on the live show nail it, they work well together and it all sound tight and cohesive. The guitar solos are wailing and rocking, adding depth and style.

They know how to slow it down like they did on Drownin’ and speed it up like the foot stomping The Fly Song, which is also just a humorous tune that shows that Flint doesn’t take himself too serious. Which is always a great quality in a singer.

I love that before the song Hallelujah, Flint dedicates the song to Tom Skinner and Brandon Jenkins, and “some of the others we’ve lost.” Flint tells it true when he says “we all gotta die, so have fun in the meantime.”

All 10 of the tunes offer something refreshing and worthwhile, and I think this album is going to open the eyes of many who haven’t yet had Flint on their radar.

Photo by Melissa Payne

Photo by Melissa Payne

You are definitely going to want to get your hands on a copy of this album and check it out for yourself. They plan on having it out in early December. Stay tuned to Flint’s website and social media accounts for all of the details.

Also Flint has been nominated for several categories in the Tulsa Music Awards, which you can go check out and vote on at

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