The Buffalo Rogers' Red Rooster Concert Series

Buffalo Rogers is hosting a new concert series at The Venerable and Historic Red Rooster Bar and Grill located at 3100 Walker Ave. in Oklahoma City starting on Friday August 4th, which will feature Tulsa artist Kalyn Faye to kick things off.

Buffalo is one of Oklahoma’s top talents in Okie music, he has a way of weaving great stories into even better songs. His sound and style are multi-layered and interesting, putting his own spin on folk/Americana/red dirt music that is as delightful as it is compelling. I am greatly anticipating his upcoming album, which I truly believe is going to blow people away.

But not only is he a talented musician in his own right, he has a desire to bring a variety of music to people, and to collaborate with other musicians in the process. Thus was born the idea of a concert series.

“I'm starting this concert series with hopes of establishing more collaboration between Oklahoma City and Tulsa musicians,” explained Buffalo.

He couldn’t have picked a better place to host it either. The Rooster has been gaining momentum as one of the top spots for local live music in the Oklahoma City area. It already hosts The Dirty Little Bettys Jam on Monday nights, and offers a Monday night $5 burger and pint deal as well, which you can't beat. They are also picking up a weekly Wednesday show starting in August featuring Dylan Stewart and Bryon White, who also join Buffalo in forming the band The Washitas. The Rooster is cozy, has great beer prices, and the food there is amazingly delicious. It’s a great place to kick back and watch live music and hang out with friends. You can find out more info about the bar on their website at

This first event in the new concert series will no doubt be a great way to start it off as well, with Kalyn Faye Barnoski as the featured artist. Kayln put out her debut album, Bible Belt, in June of 2016. This excerpt from an article in Tulsa World, taken from her website at tells you a little more about her and the album:

"The ethereal Americana that Barnoski captured with her latest album comes from her experience learning guitar while in college, working on a thesis about her own spirituality and from the influence of the musicians who gather at The Colony.
“I was mostly doing printmaking for my thesis so I did a lot of printmaking and embroidery work, but my focus was on my background of white, Southern Baptist Christianity versus my Native background and growing up saturated with Native spiritualism,” Barnoski said.
She just this year completed her master’s degree at the University of Tulsa and is aiming for another degree with the goal of being a professor, she said.
Barnoski had a background in jazz playing trumpet, but the guitar was a new venture for her. She started playing in a duo but wanted to continue playing after that fell apart, she said.
“I started going to Colony for the singer-songwriter nights, so that’s how I got started in Tulsa,” Barnoski said. “I love being at Colony and I love that I’m part of that community now because everyone is so quick to lend a hand if you need it or if you’re starting out. The environment is really one of learning and a willingness to help.”
The album was originally set to be an EP, only working on music during her free time while in grad school. However, by the time she stepped back, she realized she had several great songs — more than she intended. That led to “Bible Belt” being a full-length album.
With mixing and producing by Scott Bell with Dylan Layton as co-producer, the finished product was different than what she intended.
“I thought it was going to end up sounding a lot more rootsy-er or Americana, and it still has that vibe, but there’s a more ethereal vibe to it,” Barnoski said.
“Going back and listening to it, it’s different than I thought it would be, but I really like it.”

The idea for the concert series is that Buffalo and his band will play the first set, followed by his featured guest playing a set with him and his band backing them. Make plans now to come out to the First Friday Art Walk in the Paseo and making your way to the rooster for the concert series. The show starts at 9 p.m. with a $10 cover. For tickets or more information call (405) 525-7631



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