Waffle Champion: Waffles are the Way to My Heart

Waffles are the way to my heart

By Tonya Little

I love waffles. I have such nostalgic and sweet memories of waking up on a weekend morning as a kid and my dad making us all sweet, sticky, syrupy waffles in a waffle iron that he flipped on the stove top. I still make him fix waffles when I go visit.

So it's no surprise that I absolutely love Waffle Champion. Every thing I have ever eaten there has been divine. They have some of the most incredible combinations of waffle creations that I have ever seen, from pizza grilled cheese  and ancho pulled pork to s'mores and brown sugar rum bananas. Not only do they have a regular menu chock full of delicious items, but they also have revolving monthly specials as well, keeping things interesting and giving plenty of options.


One of my favorite things about Waffle Champion, is the truffle mayo. I always get an order of waffle fries and a generous amount of the delicious mayo and go to town dipping. It is amazingly delicious, even if I would have never really considered dunking my fries into mayo. But it's not just any mayo, the truffle flavor make it a much more complex flavor. I also love their cereal milk. which has cereal blended into it, and is the most sweetly surprising treat that you can imagine. You would think that it would make the milk clumpy or thick, but it really doesn't alter the texture of the milk much, just the flavor. I can't quite put my finger on what kind of cereal it tastes like, but I enjoy it all the same. It's a lot like drinking the milk from your cereal bowl. Waffle champion also offers free mimosas every Wednesday, which is my personal favorite day to go, because how can you beat a free mimosa?! 

Waffle Champion is locate at 1212 N Walker #100, and is open Tues-Sun 7 a.m to 2 p.m. They also have a late night weekend waffle window open Fri-Sat 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Which is perfect for grabbing a late night meal after going to a show or an event. 

Usually when I visit Waffle Champion, there tends to be a line coming outside of the door. I must be good at choosing key times to eat, but I have been getting better at that and picking low rush days and times instead. But if you get there on a busy day, don't let this deter you, it is well worth the wait, and it really doesn't take them that long to get through the line of people. The staff are always friendly and outgoing, the tables are neat and clean and the atmosphere is fun and upbeat. 

I definitely can see a correlation at the fact that when I am scrolling through Instagram and run into one of their posts of delicious food I instantly decide that I need to go at that very moment and eat whatever amazing creation that was pictured. Following them is my weakness, they know exactly how to pull you in. However this isn't a bad thing at all.  I suggest that you go check out all their social media pages and make plans now to go visit. You won't be disappointed.