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I recently was invited to be a guest on a new podcast called That’s Colorful, which is hosted by my friend Cara Jane Evans in Stillwater. In the process of that I went ahead and interviewed her as well to cross promote and have a feature about it on here.


You can check out my episode here, which is the 6th episode. I have listened to all of them so far as she has released them, and I personally find them very interesting. The range of guests on the shows has been varied so each episode brings something different. To me it feels like I am sitting in the room with them as I am listening, kind of like the whole fly on the wall sort of thing, and I enjoy that aspect. It’s laid back and comfortable and relatable.

“I knew for like the last 2-3 years that I had a goal of publishing something. I thought that I would write a book, and the ultimate goal was because I wanted to do more public speaking and conferences and coaching and then some consulting services. So I thought it would be a good way to build a personal brand and really kind of keep a pulse on what is going on in industry and in communities because whenever you are in your office or in your own world you only have issues with things in your own little world and I feel like it’s a good way to go to cool places and meet cool people and really just have an open mind and continually learning.,” explained Evans.

The road to the podcast wasn’t straight and narrow for sure, it took a lot of twists and turns for her to get there.

 “So I really thought that I would write something and I started writing, and I had a couple of different working titles and I thought I would do a book, and then I thought no I’ll just do some articles because that’s easier. But I’m a procrastinator and I had a lot of life changes and made a lot of plans that didn’t pan out how I thought that they would, but life is really good. So I really needed to have something done by the end of fiscal year 2017 because of some different things I had done throughout the year and it came down to that I love listening to podcasts and it seemed like the easiest way to get out there and to have something on public record, because I wasn’t getting anything written,” she said with a laugh.

And so the That’s Colorful Podcast was brought to life, in the last few days of the year, with a group of friends. The first episode might be my favorite, it’s all about having a support network and the group of women who are on it are all very colorful and relatable.



“I think having a podcast also gives a chance to showcase a little more personality, and so many people do things on their phones and attention spans are limited and while word lives forever, now the way the internet is so does audio and video. I like that it lets you have a kind of voyeur aspect and you get to hear people’s voices and I think you get to know them a little better and it’s been fun too because a lot of my guests have been my friends or people that I admire and so I like sharing my world with the world. But the premise is really about entrepreneurship because that’s the field that I work in, or community and art because those things interest me and I’m passionate about them. That’s why I came up with the name ‘That’s colorful’ because I think that’s my personality but it’s also not limiting,” explained Evans.

I personally also like the voyeur aspect of podcasts, and just learning about other people and their lives. I think this goes hand in hand with loving memoirs and documentaries and just having a chance to look into the life of someone else. People are endlessly interesting, even seemingly ‘ordinary’ every day people.

“Why I think people should listen I think is two-fold, one is I hope that it makes things relatable because I’m not a tech genius, I have had to figure things out as I go and while I think the quality of each episode has gotten better, I hope that it makes things less scary for people, both in seeing my vulnerabilities and hiccups as I try to figure things out and then also in just hearing the stories of the people, because I think that a lot of people tell themselves no before anyone else has a chance to and so I really hope that this is a platform to be inspired and find resources and send the message that I think that you can do anything,” said Evans.

Go listen to my episode, it was a lot of fun to record. I have never been on anything like that before and afterwards I realized there was so much more I could have said of course, after a few minutes it really got into the groove of just sitting there having a conversation with my friend and I forgot that it would be on a platform where lots of people might listen. So there were definitely some opportunities that I could have elaborated and given more information and back stories, but all in all I’m pleased with it and I enjoyed the experience. Let me know what you think!

You can find That’s Colorful at and also on Facebook.

“I’m always open to suggestions, if there’s a topic or someone wants to be a guest or anything like that I would love to hear it. If you know of any groups or organizations of companies that might be a fit for me to go into, I ‘d love to cross promote. The podcast is on almost all major platforms and I’m on all social media platforms under my name or you can find me on Linkdin, basically if you google me I will pop up,” said Evans.

My daughter Starla and I delivering Girl Scout Cookies to Cara when we recorded the podcast

My daughter Starla and I delivering Girl Scout Cookies to Cara when we recorded the podcast

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