Come one Come All: Tanner Miller

Come One Come All : Tanner Miller

By Tonya Little

NORMAN, Okla. - Come One Come All (2016) is the debut album by Norman musician Tanner Miller,  released on September 2, 2016. Miller is actually a transplant from Dallas, Texas. He moved to Norman in 2010 and has been making his rounds through the Norman and OKC music scene ever since. Miller gives credit to John Prine, Guy Clark and Robert Earl Keen as his inspiration.

Come One Come All contains 10 original songs, all written by Miller. It features; Miller on vocals and guitar, Scott Hunt on vocals, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and dobro, Brian Gwinner on percussion, Jake Adamson on electric guitar, Luke Mullenix on bass, and Michelle Simer on vocals. It was recorded at Gwinner Studios in Norman, Oklahoma. It was produced by Scott Hunt, Tanner Miller and Brian Gwinner, mixed by Trent Bell at Bell Lab Studios, and mastered by Garret Haines at Tree Lady Studios.

“Two Step or Waltz” is a great folky song that borders almost on an Irish sound. The instrumentals are layered well and are fantastic, and Miller’s voice is simple and pure. It’s a dancing song that provides delightful imagery and a nostalgic feel of times long gone.

“London Bridge” follows in the same easy going pace, and the mandolin stands out in a magnificent way. The lyrics paint a picture about London Bridge, layered with metaphors and story-telling aspects in a fresh and fun way.

“Spain” is a beautiful tune, a lovely little love song. Lyrics like, “if you were on the moon, don’t worry baby I’ll be there soon because I can. I’d walk a thousand years through the desert to find you in the promise land,” pair great with the alluring instrumentals. The fiddle adds a hauntingly beautiful vibe to the song, tying it up nicely.

“Ghost” has a great rhythm and beat, which stays steady throughout the whole thing, with a slight pause for effect in the middle where you hear a few beats of a heart that go hand in hand with the lyrics. It’s a good story telling song that provides vivid imagery of characters and life in a time long ago.

“Bottom of a Hill” stays on the same slow and steady pace, and the mandolin and fiddle compliment one another quite nicely, giving it a very beautiful sound. The lyrics are simple but heartfelt, as are all of the songs on this album, and Miller’s voice stays smooth and steady throughout.

“Stone Bound to Roll” picks up the pace just a bit, it’s a toe tapping tune that makes it hard to stay still. It creeps up on you and has an infectious vibe, a song about adventure and tackling life head on. It’s a happy and fun tune with heart and spirit.

“Try Again” has a nice steady beat and rhythm, and although it opens up listing tragedies and situations rife with bad luck, it quickly turns around to be an optimistic tune in spite of it all. It makes a good point of being thankful for what you have and being apologetic for what you need to, and not giving up.  

“Come on in” is a slow and beautiful tune, focusing on love, friendship, companionship and leaning on one another. The fiddle weaves throughout and shines beautifully. Michelle Simer’s added vocals, soft and sweet, brings a delightful and feminine quality to the song.

“Lady Luck” has an almost country sound to it, more so than any of the other songs. It leans towards a sorrowful ballad of sorts, a little bit of heartbreak mixed in with longing.

“Adios Goodbye” keeps that country sound going from the last song, and ties up the album very well as a goodbye song. The lyrics are fun and lighthearted.

Overall this is a terrific debut album and shows great talent as well as potential to continue making a mark on the music scene. Miller’s style is fresh and simple, he doesn’t try to be flashy and doesn’t overdo anything. It’s well done and a great laid back album to listen to. Check it out and give it a listen! You can find more information about Miller on his website at as well as on his social media sites.