Damn Quails Giveaway!

Everyone is super excited about the phenomenal news that the Damn Quails have decided to reform and go back on tour. I know everyone is just chomping at the bit for more information about this, but sit tight, the red dirt success himself Bryon White is working on a write up for LittleOkieLand to give the covey a little more information about it all. 

Until then, you have 3 chances to win a couple of awesome Quails memorabilia. There are 3 sets, and it includes an old promo poster and a piece of Quails art. Even better is that Bryon and Gabe will sign the poster live on the Red Dirt Success Podcast on Wednesday the 14th, which is also when the winners will be drawn.


You will have a chance to win on 3 different platforms; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Go to these LittleOkieLand sites and follow the instructions on each of them on how to win and your name will be entered into the drawings. Then tune into The Damn Quails Facebook page around 7 p.m. (ish) on Wednesday the 14th for the Red Dirt Success Live Podcast, and the guys will draw 3 names and announce the winners live.

Don't miss out! And stay plugged into LittleOkieLand.com to read what Bryon White has to say about it all as well! The covey flies again!

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