Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition: Wake Up Call

By Tonya Little

That Damn Band from Stillwater, Chad Sullins and The Last Call Coalition, have a new album, ‘Wake Up Call’ coming out next month. Their music has always heavily reflected what is going on in their lives, Chad definitely writes about what he knows, and he does it well. He also has never been shy about keeping it real in his songs, baring his soul for the masses. This album isn’t any different. It is also aptly titled, since Chad got his own wake-up call last year when he had heart problems and found himself in the hospital. The future of the band at that time was shaky but everyone was relieved when Chad made a full recovery and hit the ground running once again as soon as he was able to.


This album will no doubt be bit bittersweet for both the band and fans. Not only because the songs are clearly haunted with the emotions of the health scare, but also because in theory this will be the last album that Chad and The LCC will be doing together. They have just recently announced that as of January 1st they will be disbanding, giving Chad more time to focus on his health and family. They have a full schedule of shows between now and then though, ending with a bang New Year’s Eve at Grady’s 66 Pub in Yukon. Chad and the guys always put on a high intensity performance, they definitely know how to get the crowd up and off their feet and participating in the music. Chad, Josh, Jeremy and Jesse all bring their A game at each and every show, and they certainly did that on this new album as well.


‘Wake Up Call’ has nine songs on it, and it definitely takes you on a musical trip. The first track, ‘Forward’ is a little over two minutes of almost eerie music with a psychedelic rock vibe that slightly reminds me of the boat scene from the original “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie, and successfully sets the tone for the emotional ride that the album is about to take you on.

 Next comes the title track “Wake Up Call” which is a hard hitting song with a swift beat that highlights their rock styling, full of lyrical truths about the things that led to Chad’s own wake up call.

“Backstage Queen” slows us back down for a minute, with an almost rhythm and blues feel to it. The tune takes a rather sorrowful look at the debauchery and lifestyle of being a backstage queen.

“Good Thing” is a soulful song highlighted with bluesy guitar riffs that has a wistful yet hopeful feel to it, one that many people will no doubt be able to relate to.

Next comes “Hospital Bed” which was originally written by songwriter Dylan Stewart after visiting Chad in the hospital. Chad puts his own spin on the song, which has a definite southern rock feel to it, with his signature outlaw personality shining through.

“Movin’ On” also carries that attitude, a heavy handed song about leaving which highlights lead guitarist Josh Rutz’sphenomenal talent, it’s easy to picture him rocking out on stage and shredding on his guitar when listening to this song. It will no doubt be a popular one at live shows.

“Like I Did” is a duet with Kaitlin Butts, a melancholy song about lost love. It has a definite old school country feel to it and Kaitlin nails it with her beautiful angelic voice and amazing range, a perfect mix with Chad’s deep masculine crooning. . Alan Orbaugh also plays guitar on the song. There will be many people turning to this song for musical healing for a broken heart, and it definitely has the makings of a top country hit.

“Blind Man” is a Tom Skinner cover, and the guys absolutely do it justice. It’s an upbeat tune with a distinct red dirt vibe, it leaves you with a smile on your face and feeling optimistic about life. The keys on the song, played by Andrew Blair, sound like an organ, and the ending bit makes you feel like if you just closed your eyes you could be sitting in a church.

The album ends with “Time To Go” which is a hauntingly beautiful tune about the end of life that is goose bump invoking, laced with the elegant and delicate sounds of a cello, played by Jenny Hsu, and ending with a drumbeat that mimics a heartbeat slowing down. Chad said his momma wasn’t a fan of that song, and it’s no wonder why. The song is enough to make you cry, especially if it’s your son who had his own recent scare with death, singing it. It’s also actually the perfect song for wrapping up and ending this album, as well as wrapping up the end of the band itself. You will certainly want to get your hands on this album as soon as you can.

The band will be performing at the Wormy Dog in Bricktown for the very last time Saturday August 22nd. I suggest you don’t miss it.

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