Catching up with Kaitlin Butts

Kaitlin Butts has been one busy gal lately. Her album Same Hell Different Devil came out in February and she has been going non-stop ever since. Butts is not only a phenomenal singer, but she has a great business sense and unstoppable drive to keep working towards furthering her career. Butts is currently on a radio tour to promote her album and music.


“I’ve scheduled the whole thing myself, normally you would get a radio promoter and try to promote it and get ads that way. I just kind of contacted all these radio stations myself and I’ve got about a twenty station tour,” she said. Butts even made homemade ‘Butt’s Spicy Dip” packages, complete with handmade tags with a cactus stamped on it, to give to all the radio hosts on her tour. “They’ve all been using them too so far, they send me snapchats of them making it, it’s been fun,” she replied.

Those packages of dip are also going to be available soon on her website as a part of some holiday packages she is going to be offering. “I’ve got a new T-shirt being designed right now, and I’m going to bundle that with some CDs and give some good deals so people can buy my music for Christmas gifts for friends and family,” explained Butts.


Besides Butt’s busy Radio tour, she also participated this last month in The Blue Light Singer/Songwriter Contest in Lubbock Texas. The contest ran over three consecutive Monday nights beginning on October 26th. The contest featured over 40 singer/songwriters who came and played original music. Butts not only made it all the way through the finals, but placed third in the contest overall. 

Butts also recorded a new video for her sassy and spirited song “Gal Like Me” last week at the Wormy Dog Saloon in Bricktown. “It’s a live performance video. They shot a couple different angles and it went really well. I’ve seen the rough draft of it so far and it turned out really good,” said Butts. The video will be released in the next few weeks, sometime in December. This will be her second official music video, her first one “Wild Rose” can be found on her website at

Butts has had a great response to her music in general. “Some guy posted on my page and said he was listening to my music in England. Since the different radio networks can be streamed online, it opens it up to so many different areas, which is great,” said Butts. Her fan base continues to grow and grow as more people become aware of her music. This has been greatly helped by the airplay she has been getting on the different Texas radio stations as well. “In Texas there’s a great communication between radio stations, artists and venues. So when I play down there all these people that have already heard me on the radio show up and know all my songs already which is really cool. It’s very encouraging,” she said.

You can catch Butts playing this Friday November 27th at the Wormy Dog Saloon in Bricktown with Chris Mullen and Ben MCKenzie, show starts at 9pm. She will be back at the Wormy Dog the day before Valentine’s Day 2016 with The Tequila Songbirds as well. You can check out her website along with all of her social media sites for more information on her shows and music. 



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