The Damn Quails Homecoming

Norman- The Damn Quails had a show Monday night, October 12th, at The Deli in Norman. If you know your Quail history, then you know that Monday nights at The Deli are where it all began for these guys. Bryon and Gabe got their start playing every Monday night, and that duo grew into what we now know as The Damn Quails. They don’t always get to play so close to home anymore these days, always traveling here there and everywhere with their busy touring schedule. So when they do get to show up at The Deli, especially on the magical Monday night slot, it’s definitely like a homecoming celebration.

The Quails have been through so much these last few years, and they appeared to have not only survived the chaos of the business, but are in fact thriving quite well in spite of all of their challenges and setbacks. After so much time and all of their harrowing legal troubles, their much anticipated new album, Out Of The Birdcage, has been well received by their fans. The Covey, the nickname for Quail fans, are flying high with the new tunes. Of course with the span of four years between their first album and this one, their music has evolved and changed, but only for the better. The Quails also assure us that there are many more new songs to come. They have plenty of songs that they have already written and been working on, and are hoping to get back into the studio again before too long.


If you missed the show Monday, I feel downright bad for you. The show was opened by The Patron Aints which is made up of Alan Orebaugh, Aaron Holt, Derek Paul, Giovanni Carnuccio III, and Justin Morris. That’s one mighty talented line up of musicians, and they didn’t disappoint at all. This was the first time I caught these guys, and their show was top notch. They are a lively and fun bunch, and their music has a great mix of sounds including bluegrass, folk, rock and Americana. They are definitely worth checking out.

The crowd was thick and lively for a Monday as well, Quail fans are dedicated and happy to give the Quails a warm welcome home. Red Dirt Randy was of course front row center as always, happily twirling many ladies around what little area he claimed as a dance floor. Local favorites Buffalo Rogers and Bob Moore also came out to the show to support the Quails. The Quails all gave the Deli a very warm welcome, letting them know just how happy they were to be back, and also making sure everyone knew that this was newest member, Dillon Sampson’s, very first time to play The Deli.

“Playing The Deli was everything I thought it would be and more. I grew up hearing all about The Deli, and I knew it was a staple in Oklahoma music, so it was great getting to check that off my list,” said Dillon when I talked to him about it later.

“We play all over the country, but there’s nothing quite like The Deli,” said Gabe from on stage, “Some venues ask us to start a little early and we’ll say ok, but we’re ending early too. Not with The Deli, we’ll start early and play right on until they kick us out.”

The crowd happily cheered for that love, and the Quails did just that; playing song after song until the very end of the night. My personal favorite of the evening was “Rattlesnakes” from the new album. Bryon always gives such an animated performance in all of the songs, but I feel like this song in particular his passion for what he does shines through the most. I also think that the way all of the Quails come alive on stage, pouring out their hearts and soul into each and every song, is why they are such crowd favorites. Each show is more like a big party and celebration than anything else, they bring the songs to life with an enthusiasm and fun that is hard to match.

So what comes next for the Quails? They are going to just keep touring on the new album for a while, including the nine day Delbert McClinton Sandy Beaches Cruise in January with Band of Heathens and The Mavericks among many others. You can check out their complete tour dates at .


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