Welcome to my Kingdom

Hello, and welcome to the first post in my blog. Yes, I have self appointed myself as The Red Dirt Queen of Hearts, you can go ahead and be jealous that you didn't claim the title first, and this here is my kingdom. OkieLand is my own little world, my own little adventure, and I'm inviting you to come be a part of it. In essence you as the reader get to be "Alice", jumping into my little world and experiencing the adventure that is offered to you here. I hope you find it as interesting and enjoyable as the participant of the adventure, as myself and my cast of character writers/contributors have in creating it for you. It's definitely a work in progress and will change and evolve as we get further along, but you have to start somewhere. Although I absolutely love writing about, and being fully immersed into the Red Dirt Music scene, I didn't want to limit myself to that here. It does get it's very own page on the site though, you get to jump down the red dirt rabbit hole. As one of my very favorite things, and the thing that takes up most of my time besides my kids, it plays a vital and important part of my life and my work. I mean, I am The Red Dirt Queen of Hearts here. But I also want to leave it wide open to explore everything Oklahoma has to offer, and learn and experience it all as I'm gathering the info to deliver to you as well. I have this love of learning and researching and writing, and this project and website now gives me reason and obligation to do that on a fairly regular basis to provide interesting content for you dear readers. It's definitely interactive as well, please feel free to comment and contact us here at OkieLand with your suggestions, opinions and ideas to help make this more engaging for you. We're all ears. For now, poke your head in and take a look around and see where it all begins. Welcome to the adventure. 

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